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Who dis?

'SASSPATCH is the lovechild of the joy found in living my truth + the frustration of seeing cluttered, cringe slogan designs on so many clothing rails. So what do you get? Aesthetic, wearable sloganwear that strikes a balance between sweet & sharp in the world of slogan fashion.' — Gonzy, Creator of SASSPATCH.

Launched in 2020, we are a sustainable British brand and the products we make are certified as ethical. This may be seen as a 'plus' for a clothing brand but to us, it's the minimum standard. Our clothes are designed to uplift you whilst keeping you grounded. We call it SASSY POSITIVITY: sweet designs, savage honesty.

We hope you enjoy crushing on our cute clothing and most importantly, we hope you enjoy living your truth in them. There's no better time than now! xoxo

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